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Notes and Letters from our families…

Love from Chicago
Courtney and Fia

Courtney and Fia

Debi and Anna,
As I prepare for this holiday season, I am brought back to Christmas 2012.  My sweet little Fia (Mayflower) was just a bit too tiny to take the flight home to Chicago in time for Christmas.  The anticipation (along with some anxiety!) was at an all time high especially given the fact that I have never had a dog of my own.  She was then, and most certainly is now, the highlight in my life.  I could not imagine living without her!  Thank you again for your emails, calls and reassurances throughout the adoption process and beyond.

I just had an instinct when I came across Mountain Park’s website that there would be an adorable puppy waiting for me.  I was planning to find a breeder in the midwest but could not take a pass on Mountain Park, after speaking with you on the phone.  It is very evident that you are a family operation that pays very close attention to the health and well being of each pup.  My girl was more perfect than I had imagined which can only be the result of lots of love and attention.

(Puppy Disclaimer: My sweet baby will not be having puppies of her own, however, her little cousin, who happens to share her name and good looks, is a part of Moutain Park’s breeding program.  Check the website for the littlest Fia and other upcoming litters!)

Love from Chicago,
Courtney and Fia

Breakfast with Brandy

Hi Debi,
Brandy’s transition is going well. She is so lovable and smart. We have only had 2 accidents and they were my fault. She follows me and stays right by me. Right now I am at the table after finishing breakfast with Brandy laying at my feet. I don’t need to use the leash. This picture shows how we have bonded. I just love her.

Thank you for the best puppy ever!   

CT, Lincoln City

He’s a happy little soul
Hank and ducky

Hank and ducky

It’s been 2 yrs now since Hank joined our family and we simply cannot imagine life without him! We take him everywhere because everyone that’s ever met him falls in love with his sweet personality and often invites say, “Bring Hank too!”.

He is still playful like a puppy but settles beautifully and is such a snuggle bunny, always up for a belly rub. He makes us laugh every day and we always describe him as 31lbs of pure joy!

I sing to him and he attacks me with kisses and I always wonder if it’s to get me to stop ‘cuz my singing voice isn’t fit to be heard outside of the shower, or if it reminds him of Anna singing over them as pups.

I know he began life in an atmosphere of rejoicing and believe he’s just a happy little soul meant to bring delight into our lives! We LOVE Hank! We’ve appreciated your ongoing interest in him. Once a Mountain Park Labradoodle – Always a Mountain Park Labradoodle! So glad to be part of the family!

LG, Minnesota

Puppy Sleepovers

Jasper is enjoying our new neighborhood and there are 5 other dogs in our faculty so we have lots of  play dates. Although Jasper is the biggest, he gets  along well with all of his friends.

He even had his first sleepover at a friends when we took my mom to Busan, a city in the South for a weekend.

RE, South Korea

Little “dood”

Bentley is our special little “dood” with a ton of personality which we just love.  He’s in tune with our whereabouts and constantly follows us from room to room to stay nearby.  He gives visitors enthusiastic greetings and he’s become the self-proclaimed welcome wagon at the dog park, running up to everyone to greet or play with them.  He hardly misses anyone while he’s there.
He’s extremely playful and loves to play fetch and chew all his toys.  His favourite game is keep away and we chase him to get things back.  Bentley can sound like Chewbacca from Star Wars when he wants our attention which we find funny because he’s about the right colour!  Our kids aged 12 and 10 years love teaching him new tricks which he has learned many rather quickly.  Our daughter will smother…I mean snuggle him and he just takes it!  Most dogs would run away.  So tolerant with a very even disposition.
He has grown to 19″ and is 43 pounds.  He lives with us in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Bentley loved his first Canadian winter and would bury his face in the snow or jump at the snow piles as we shoveled.

Bev, Calgary

Traveling Maggie

Maggie is a wonderful dog, we all love her very much. She has grown a lot and she is now 37 pounds. She still behaves like a puppy, loves to play and meet other dogs. She comes well along with children and is always excited when we come home etc. We will move back to Finland so Maggie will have plenty of chances to play in snow. Maggie has been on our travels, she loves sand beaches and she behaves very well also in the car. We are very happy to have Maggie in our family.

People admire Maggie when they see her and are interested to know what kind of dog she is. Sometimes they even want to take a picture of her, so I guess we are not the only ones thinking that she is super cute!

I will keep on looking on your website with beautiful puppy pictures:)

Kristina, Finland

Touhey in NYC

We were out of town this weekend and had a blast letting Touhey run free. He is doing SO well. He amazes me every day with how smart he is. Sometimes he even paws at his leash when he needs to go out (which I just think is amazing!). He is absolutely loving day care and we are loving having a place where we don’t have to worry about him during the day. Amazingly he still has energy when he gets back!

Jess, NYC

Kona loves the Tempurpedic
Kona King

Kona with his scarf

Hi, Debi,

I’ve attached a photo from Christmas day (Kona’s got the scarf). Thought you’d enjoy it.  Hope all is well with you and your family.  We just LOVE Kona.  We’ve taken to calling him “Mr. Greedy” as he seems to have a VERY strong desire to eat! 🙂  We haven’t been particularly strict with snacks and treats I’m afraid.  But he gets lots of exercise.  He plays with his sister most days and loves to hike out on the Banks/Vernonia trail where he can be off leash.  He also relishes his time cuddling every morning on our Tempurpedic bed.  Ha ha.  I know…..he’s spoiled, but so are we! 

Best wishes for 2013.  We love hearing from you!!

Pam, Portland

Fia in Chicago

In my biased opinion, Fia is a true beauty and so cuddly, with just the right amount of spunk as a reminder to all that she is still a little baby. Everyone continues to adore her at my condo, including my neighbor.

Fia is the happiest little thing, and I find myself constantly gushing about her to all my friends.  We are so excited for winter to finally leave so we can start taking longer walks in the park.  I’ve already started marathon training for this October and am looking forward to short runs with Fia next summer – I think she will love it and will far outpace me 😉

CH, Chicago

People can’t stop staring at Miss Millie

Miss Millie is getting so big and she is a beauty! She got her 4th set of shots and Rabies last weekend and she is 20.5lbs. So far she knows the commands: sit, down, come, stay, paw, highfive, and she does a half roll over. However, sometimes she chooses not to listen! Ha!

Otherwise all else is just amazing! She LOVES car rides, walks, meeting new people and playing with the neighborhood children and doggies! Oh, her eyes are less blue in color and more green/gray/blue…they change and people can’t stop staring at her. She still hasn’t been groomed but I have been taking care of her coat so far.

Neena, NY

Bailey is a true community member
Bailey at the hurricane shelter

Bailey at the hurricane shelter

I wanted to write to let you know how happy we are with Bailey. He has become a full fledged member, not only of of our family, but our community.

I was a little apprehensive when I first came to you, as you probably remember. Me being in NY and you in Oregon, I was a little concerned about how this was going to work. I shouldn’t have worried, you made the process so so easy.

I loved getting to Skype with the puppies as they were getting bigger and bigger. It really helped us feel a part of the process and connected to what was happening by you.

One big worry I had was what kind of puppy we were going to get and was it going to be the right one for us. Was he/she going to be too peppy, not peppy enough, smart, mischievous, adventurous, shy; was he/she going to fit well into our lives. You took the time to understand what we were looking for in personality, size and energy amongst other things, and I have to tell you, you hit it right on the head with Bailey. He is exactly what I would have picked had I been there the whole time. Truth be told, I probably couldn’t have done better myself. He fits in perfectly with our lifestyle, needs and wants.

I thought you’d also like to know that you were right again, Bailey is super smart. He came to us just about potty trained, thanks again for that, that was a big help, ha. I even had him ringing potty bells at 10 weeks, which I have never been able to get any other dog I’ve had to do. He was always a star in his training classes as well , flying through Canine Good Citizen and was one of the youngest dogs to have ever passed their Therapy Dog certification.

Since we have had him, he has been busy. He has worked at Shelters for the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy, he goes every week to a local Children’s Hospital where he is a big hit with the kids. He does fund raisers for the hospital and regularly volunteers at their blood drives. He has participated in a stress relief program for Kids at Columbia University here in the NY and he also visits Assisted Living Homes where the folks there love him. He leads a full, productive and very happy and loved life.

What I am trying to say is that because of you, and the great puppies you create, a lot of lives have been touched, and a lot of good has been done. Multiply Bailey by the amount of puppies you have brought into the world and you can see how you and Anna have brought a ton of love and happiness to people, some of who you will never know or hear from.

I just thought it might be nice for you to know that. Keep up the good work, and have a great holiday season.

Thanks again for everything,

Mike, Chris and Bailey Kroeber