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 Availability updated Monday, March 20

Need more information? Please dial 503-635-8316

Please visit our Upcoming Litters Page for upcoming availability.

Please note: we do not have older/adult dogs for sale. In the rare case that we do offer an older, trained puppy or adult, that dog will be listed on our home page. I’m sorry that it’s not possible to reply to inquiries about adult dogs.


True mini labradoodles

Mountain Park Nordic Posey


Puppy Patch Bror

6 chocolates, 2 apricot puppies!

14-18 pounds at maturity

Date of birth:  February 3

Going home date: March 31

This litter sold out

The Coast Guard litter

Captain, Catalina, Catch, Cruiser, Jib, Marina, Mate, Sandy

4 weeks old

2 weeks old



Mountain Park Carillon Belle- “Chime”

Puppy Patch Bror

Mini Australian Labradoodles

15-22 pounds

Apricot, caramel, brown and black

Date of arrival:  February 26, 2017

Going home date:  Sunday, April 23

Currently accepting two reservations for Chime’s litter

3 girls: 1 chocolate, 1 caramel, 1 black

3 boys:  1 caramel, 1 apricot, 1 black

Little Trolls (well, they’re cuter than the trolls!) at 3 weeks

A group picture will be coming soon!