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Our Mission

When you’re looking for an Australian Labradoodle, you’ll notice that the internet lists many fine breeders. What makes Mountain Park Labradoodles stand out from the rest?
  • Kate and LeoWe promise to always remember that for you, adopting a puppy isn’t something that happens every day! The journey to owning a Mountain Park doodle, from the day you complete our puppy application to the minute your new puppy arrives in your home, should be a pleasant, comfortable experience. We will work to communicate with you in a way that makes sense to you; if that means phone calls instead of emails, that’s just fine.
  • We promise to do our level best to breed healthy, beautiful dogs with balanced temperaments. This means that you should expect careful attention to best breeding practices, a clean in-home environment, extensive health testing of breeding animals, and loving care and socialization of your puppy during those important first months of life. Because we are an intentionally small breeder, we can provide ample individual attention to each MPL puppy. We are passionate about producing the best Australian Labradoodles available, and we feel that to do that requires mindful effort on our part.
  • We promise that our breeding dogs will never live in kennels. These animals are at their best when loved by families of their own; by placing our breeding dogs with their forever homes early on, we avoid the need for rehoming them when their breedingcareers are complete. Our guardians are a vital part of our business- we couldn’t do what we do without them! Finally, our dogs are retired from their breeding careers when they are still young, which allows them to live a long, full, fun-filled life as cherished animal companions. They’ve earned it!
  • Our goal is to make you happy by providing you with a puppy that’s a great fit for you and your lifestyle, now and in the future. We carefully select the right puppy for you, using our expert knowledge of each of our little ones, the input of objective temperament evaluators, and of course, your needs and wants. I call it “collaborative puppy selection”, and it really works!

We love the Australian Labradoodle, we love what we do, and we look forward to sharing these wonderful dogs with you.

Debi Martin
Mountain Park Labradoodles