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Autumn is here, for sure!

We are enjoying our litter of Lena and Gunnar puppies, who are now four weeks old and growing up so quickly (as puppies are wont to do….)

Next up to deliver is our wonderful, calm and gentle Calliope, who is due around October 15. She is nesting a bit, looking a little bigger than normal, but other than that, you wouldn’t know she’s carrying precious cargo.

We’ve been busy flying all over, delivering puppies from coast to coast. Last week I had the opportunity to attend a conference in Chicago with 68 other breeders of labradoodles….boy, did I learn a lot and hear some speakers that gave me much to think about. I love the intellectual stimulation involved with the breeding business- you wouldn’t think it would take that much deep thinking, but there it is. It’s a thing. LOL!

Travels are great, but I was so excited to  get back home and back to the REAL business at hand- nurturing our little baby Australian Labradoodles. We love getting to know each of them personally so that I can help you find the puppy that will fit into your lifestyle with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of enjoyment. By raising just a limited number of litters a year, I ensure that I know all of these puppies, personally. Hands-on is how I roll!

We will soon be announcing our winter lineup of multigen Australian Labradoodles- check back on our Upcoming Litters page for lots of information! They’re going to be some wonderful puppies, raised specifically with you in mind.

 Let’s give a big Mountain Park welcome to…..

Brayden Michael Fradette!

Brayden is the new baby brother of Cedar, who was one of our Rosie/Beckham puppies- and the son of

Mike and Sarah Fradette.

Sarah’s mom and dad just picked up THEIR new MPL labradoodle, Chaucer, earlier this month. A Mountain Park family, through and through!

We’re so happy for them- we’re known to be fond of cute babies, human and otherwise!

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Cedar Fradette and his new baby brother, Brayden


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This is Shyla Kaul- from our very first MPL litter! Her specialty is being the consummate hiking companion, and her travels with her mom, Monica, take her all around the beautiful Pacific Northwest! Such an outdoorsy kind of girl.