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Almost-6 week update!

Rosie’s puppies are developing rapidly.  They are fully weaned now, and spend their time mostly playing with Lena, their 8-month-old sister.  She is so good with them, and this is great preparation for her in thinking ahead to her career as a Mountain Park Mama.  Rosie really can’t go near them, because their combined weight is greater than hers, and they rush her and try to nurse, which she doesn’t at all appreciate!  In fact, she may go home to her guardians this weekend- she misses them and the nonstop affection they lavish on her.   They are eating 3 meals a day, and while I’m still wetting their food with warm water prior to each meal (smells sooooooo good :P), I have given them a little dry kibble each day to “test the waters”.  Today is the first day that they ate all of the small amount I presented, which is my cue to get them on dry food by the end of the weekend.  They certainly have teeth now!  They play with each other very well- a favorite game is for one of them to crouch in the newly-cleaned litter box, and wait to pounce on whomever is lucky enough to pass within reach.  They are starting to really ask for human interaction and attention, and love being held and petted.  We make sure each puppy gets at least two “private sessions” each day.  They have had 3 baths now, had their nails cut 5 times, and have been blown dry once, low heat and slow setting. 

They are very interested in the cat.  Their interest is not reciprocated.

Ah, what else.  Oh- tomorrow night is a big night for our family, and for MPL.  If you’ve read my website (I will be quizzing you!), you know that a)my daughter Anna has Juvenile Diabetes, and that I serve on the Board for the Oregon/Washington Chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, and b)that a portion of each dollar we earn goes to JDRF.  Our chapter’s annual Gala is tomorrow night, and we are donating a future puppy (probably from the litter that will be born in a couple of weeks) to the live auction.  I have done this before, and the ONLY way I feel comfortable with it is if the winning bidder goes through the same application/interview process I use for all my buyers.  We are taking two of the current puppies, as well as Lena, with us.  Anna and two of her friends will be circulating for just a little while with the baby puppies, who will then go to a quiet room to sleep for a while before the live auction begins, and Lena will get to be the life of the party for the evening!  I love and cherish my puppies, and think that there’s nothing better I can do to help my favorite cause than to make our efforts here really count.  I’ll report back on Sunday!  This will be a fun chance for me to get out of my puppy clothes and into what I used to call “normal” attire.  Wheee!