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Visitation Policy

A wonderful part of our business is getting to know the families who adopt our puppies.  As much as we would enjoy visiting with everyone who is interested in meeting an Australian labradoodle, it’s just not safe or possible.  Young puppies are very susceptible to disease, and they deserve all the protection we can reasonably provide them.  Potential buyers can expose our pregnant mamas and newborn puppies to unnecessary danger.  We raise our babies in the middle of our family home, not in a kennel, and almost all of our breeding boys and girls live in guardian homes elsewhere so that they can have lots of individual attention and their very own forever families.  For these reasons,  we are not open to the public for visitations.

In lieu of onsite visitation, we are eager to talk with you by phone or email. We keep our website and Facebook page updated frequently, and are happy provide lots of pictures,  references, and other complete information on each puppy and litter we produce.

Thank you so much for your understanding.