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How to adopt a Mountain Park Labradoodle

How do I adopt one of these cute Mountain Park Australian Labradoodles?

Please read the information below.
If you’ve already read the adoption process and you’re ready to apply, click here.

We guarantee that:
  • Each of our breeding dogs will be health tested according to the most exacting breed standard (equivalent to ALAA Gold Paw requirements). These tests include:
    1. Hips- Wallace and/or OFA
    2. Elbows- OFA
    3. Eyes- CERF exam and PRA clear, either by test or parentage
    4. Cardiac auscultation
    5. Genetic/DNA tests, tailored to the individual dog
  • Each of our breeding dogs lives in a loving home, rather than in a kennel. Most of our dogs live in guardian homes, whose owners raise and love our dogs during their breeding careers. After the dog is retired, the guardian home becomes its “forever home”.
  • Each of our breeding dogs and puppies has received the best of care, including premium food, lots of attention, proper exercise, and probably the warmest spot at the foot of the bed!
  • Each of our pet puppies has been exposed to early neural stimulation (also called biosensor) from days 3 through 16 after birth.  This is done to enhance the puppy’s trainability and its ability to bounce back from negative stressors.
  • Each of our pet puppies comes to you after spending at least some nap times in a crate, and having been introduced to the basic concepts of potty training (clean environment, and use of a litter box starting at four weeks of age).
  • Each Mountain Park Labradoodle pet puppy comes to you with the following amenities:
    1. 1st vaccination and age-appropriate routine worming
    2. Checkup with licensed veterinarian
    3. Microchip
    4. A customized Mountain Park Labradoodle tote bag- great for travel or overnights with your dog!
    5. Quart size bag of food, if picking up locally. When flying crosscountry, it’s not always possible to send a quart size bag.
    6. A MPL blanket with the scent of Mom and siblings on it
    7. Nylabone or other chew toy
    8. Our signature MPL “Lambchop” toy- every puppy who leaves here gets a little Lambchop!
    9. A crinkly, squishy, animal pillow pet
    10. Bully stick
    11. High-quality Lupine collar and leash
    12. A copy of the book, “The Puppy Primer”, by Dr. Patricia McConnell
    13. A Poochie Bell to help with potty training
    14. A stainless steel grooming comb and instructions
  • The purchase price of each of our pet puppies includes the following services:
    1. Three year health warranty for serious, life-altering genetic disorders (most breeders offer two years)
    2. Four generation pedigree after proof of age-appropriate spay or neuter is provided
    3. Complete record of vaccinations and healthcare
    4. And most importantly- Cheerful, unfailing, unlimited support for the life of your puppy (Priceless!)

Bailey at the beach

Our Adoption Process

The 2018 price for our Australian Multigen Labradoodles is $3000.

Transportation charges are billed separately.

Puppy comfort and safety is really, really important to us! We hand deliver your puppies, or you may come to us and pick up. We do not ship our puppies in cargo.

  • Our adoption payment process:
    • Complete and submit our non-binding, free online application. Upon receipt, you will hear back from us, usually by phone, to discuss any questions that you may have.
    • After approval, submit a $500 non-refundable booking fee to secure your spot on the reservations list for your desired litter
    • This booking fee will be applied to the pet puppy purchase amount of $3000.
    • Your final payment of $2500 is due when your puppy is four weeks old. MPL reserves the right to release your spot on the reservations list to another buyer if payment is not received on time.
    • When your final payment is received, you enter into a binding contract with Mountain Park Labradoodles which will spell out all agreements between seller and buyer, and will provide for the protection of the buyer, seller, and the puppy.
      • We accept the following forms of payment:
        • Direct Deposit to Bank of America (ask for instructions)
        • Chase Quickpay (or your bank’s equivalent)
        • Paypal (for consultation fees only- final payment will be accepted using the other payment options) Quick button is found to the right of this page.
  • All puppies are sold as pet quality with a legally binding, contractual agreement to spay and neuter between nine and twelve months of age.  Spaying and neutering is not optional- it is a requirement. Proof of spay or neuter must be received by the time the puppy is a year old. No breeding rights are conveyed or implied. If you wish to purchase a breeding quality puppy, please contact me and I will be happy to provide the cost and details involved.
  • We have several options for pickup and delivery of your puppy. Located in the greater Portland, OR metro area, we are within easy driving distance of Washington, Idaho, Northern California, and even British Columbia.
  • We do not offer cargo shipment as an option, believing that our hand-raised, well-loved puppies should be transported in the kindest, gentlest way possible. In most cases, the cost of your ticket and in-cabin animal fee will cost just a bit more than the charges for cargo shipment….Shipping charges are not included in the price of your puppy- just ask, and we’ll set up a customized puppy travel plan for you.  One great option for you is to come to pick up your puppy. We also offer hand delivery by a loving, caring puppy courier for a reasonable fee. If you’re in the NY area, we normally send at least one and often two puppy couriers to JFK with each litter- it’s easy as can be. We now have over 60 puppies in NY and surrounding cities.
  • Dates of birth and going home dates as seen on our Upcoming Litters and Current Litters pages are estimates only; actual going home dates are determined as soon as the puppies are born. Only at that point are we able to know when the eight-week going home date will arrive. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility in this matter, and encourage buyers to wait until puppies are actually born to make their plans for picking up their puppy, or for taking delivery of their puppy via courier.

Our Puppy Allocation Process

We want to encourage you to consider adopting either gender. Both males and females make equally great companions! When specifically requesting a gender your wait may be increased as we first match our puppies by temperament.

  • By 7 weeks, puppies are matched with their families based largely on Mountain Park’s observations of puppy temperament and other characteristicson information communicated on your application, emails and photos exchanged and in phone conversation during the buying process.  You can rest assured that your ultimate goal and mine are the same- matching you with a puppy who will make you incredibly happy! On your application, you may specify one “absolute”- that is, the characteristic that is MOST important to you, be that sex (m/f) or color. We will make sure that your “absolute” is met, and we will try to find a puppy for you who has the other traits, as well, but we cannot promise the secondary traits. We try our hardest to take your other wishes into account, but always will focus primarily on temperament and personality, which are far more important to successfully bringing a new pup into your life than cosmetic/aesthetic factors. We have a 100% customer satisfaction rating over 9 years- this matching process works!
  • At 7.5 weeks, puppies are microchipped and receive their first vaccinations. Puppies are ready to go to their forever homes at 8 weeks, after a checkup at our veterinarian’s office. The going home date is exactly eight weeks after the puppies are born. One and sometimes two pickup/delivery dates will be scheduled for each litter; these dates are not negotiable, because it’s best for all littermates to leave at the same time to avoid upsetting the one or two puppies left after their littermates leave!


  • Of course, we want the best fit for our puppies and your family and occasionally, we may need to forgo immediate placement of a puppy if we feel there is not a good match for you in the current litter. On the other hand, if the timing isn’t right for you and your situation, you may request your booking fee be moved to a subsequent litter. Mountain Park Labradoodles reserves the right to decide to refund your booking fee and/or purchase price, thereby ending the breeder/buyer relationship, if for any reason we feel that the transaction is not in the best interest of the puppy. Mountain Park Labradoodles reserves the right to select any puppy from any litter for its breeding program; as such, not all puppies in a litter will be available as pet puppies. 
  • From time to time, Mother Nature does not cooperate with our plans; sometimes breeding is unsuccessful and no litter is born, or the puppies born are of different color or size than anticipated. If the litter you chose isn’t suitable for you, your deposit will be moved to the next litter of that size, type and color variety.  
  • We love our puppies even after they have gone to their new families. We require first rights to purchase a dog back if for some reason you are unable to keep the dog. Please note that you are purchasing a pet puppy only. No breeding rights or permissions are conveyed or implied.
  • You are always welcome to email me at or call at 503-635-8316 to ask questions about the breed, puppy care, our breeding program and about how we select puppies for our adopting families. We love our dogs, and love to tell others about them!