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We’resoooooo tired of being cooped up in the bedroom!

Well, today’s the day.  We’re going to move the puppies downstairs into the family room, in the heart of what’s going on.  Tonight, the puppies will be there to greet Anna when she gets back from opera rehearsal- she’ll probably sing a bit for them 🙂  Then, Reid will roll in after a hard-fought football game against our rival, Jesuit HS.  Oh….better call them our friendly rival- one of our Mt. Park puppies belongs to a Jesuit family!  We love the Ehlens- and our Leo loves them, too!  Tomorrow, the puppies will have their first meal of mashed up, moistened puppy food with goat’s milk.  It will take them just a few minutes to figure out how to eat it, and then look out!  After their meal, they’re all going to get a quick rinse to remove the “eau de puppy pool” from their shiny coats, and then I suspect that they’ll sleep the rest of the day.  And when they wake up, we’ll know, because the 10 little rascals have definitely discovered their voices!