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Cradled (light blue collar girl)
Well, what do you think? Have they grown?

Wow- the puppies are two weeks old today. Bad blogger that I am, I’ve been caught in a vortex of taking really, really bad puppy pictures and having nothing to post. So frustrating! To be fair, though, the puppies have been doing a lot of sleeping and eating, and not much else…. that is, until this morning!

One by one, throughout the day today, the puppies’ eyes have all opened. We’ve thought for days that it would happen at any time; we’ve seen blinking movements and flinch reactions, but no eyes actually opening. It seems like it’s taken forever! And now that they’re open, they still really don’t see very well…. you know the cartoon characters who have had too much to drink, and their illustrators use an “X” in place of the eyes to reflect their inebriated state? I think the puppies kind of resemble that. Over the next few days, they will develop the ability to see more clearly- very, very exciting. I can see their ear canals forming, and sometime in the next week they will actually open up to let the puppies hear. It’s a miracle, really, that all of this development takes place to rapidly- perfectly designed, I’d say.
Paisley is taking great care of her 10 babies, although I feel a little sorry for her. What a lot of wear and tear on her body! The pups are very vocal now when nursing, and they pretty much are beating her up with their paws as they eat. They don’t get lost as much on the way to their mom’s side- efficiency is the word.
Anna and I continue on our mission of keeping the puppies clean and dry- not as easy now that they are, um, eliminating much more frequently. A load a day, at least, of puppy linens is about what it takes.
In the next 10 days or so, we will be moving the puppies to a larger puppy pen/box, so that they can move their growing legs and begin to play with each other.
Watch tomorrow for a video of the puppies trying to walk- it’s pretty comical!


  1. I think the photos turned out great! They are so stinking sweet.
    Can’t wait to see the walking video.