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Thursday in the Puppy Chronicles

Black collar Boy- Starting to look like a puppy!

A couple people have asked why the puppies have a collar on them at such a young age. These collars help me to identify each puppy at a glance; I weigh them twice a day (more often for the littlest of the group, Miss Lime Green, who is spunky and healthy, just petite!), and I chart their weight increases each time. This allows me to spot a problem as soon as one might appear. It’s important to see continuous gain, even though it doesn’t have to be a large one. Today I spent a half an hour cutting out new collars and replacing the ones already on the puppies- they were just too grungy for me to stand.

Changes happen at warp speed: A few days ago, I commented on the fact that their ears, noses, and paws were bare. Well, not today! A light feathering of hair has appeared on their muzzles, and on their little ears, as well. The ears, which were plastered to the sides of the puppies’ heads when they were born, are starting to pop out. What’s comical is that they don’t pop out at the same time, which lends a strangely goofy and lopsided look to their cute little faces. And here’s your trivia fact for the day: at birth, the ears are completely closed, and only gradually open up to enable the sense of hearing. This should happen around 2 weeks of age. Their eyes will open around 9-11 days after birth. The other change is the black pigment that develops on their nose, mouth and paws- you can see on Mr. Black that he already has a cute little nose that will soon be completely darkened.
Some personality traits are starting to emerge, all related to their eating behavior (frankly, that’s all they can do….) The yellow-collar puppy is VERY vocal when it can’t find a place to eat. The biggest black girl kind of reminds us of a locomotive when she’s on her way to nurse-there’s no stopping a steam train! White tends to get a little distracted on her way to the kitchen, often ending up suckling on her littermates (eewww).

That’s all for now. Off to bed now-we’re getting used to sleeping in a really warm room- makes the rest of the house seem so chilly!


  1. Sounds like things are really a buzz at your home…I would love to be there…taking in every moment with you…and ANNA…those little pups are just so lucky to not only have a great mom in Paisley…but awesome caretakers in you and Anna. I love that their noses and ears are changing (gotta love the black on his nose coming in…makes him more distinquished). It is funny how quickly they develop distinct personalities…I can’t wait for more pictures, more fur to come along…AND their eyes to open….then your work will REALLY begin!