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It’s now Monday afternoon, and it seems to be a much more peaceful day than yesterday. Even 24 hours has made such a difference in strength for the little doods- they are maneuvering around quite nicely. Each one of them has gained poundage (well, ounceage?) since yesterday, and the most amazing thing (at least to me) has happened. There aren’t enough “faucets” for Paisley’s 10 babies- there’s only 8. So,
Paisley has done doggy math and divided the babies into two nursing groups of 5 each. That way it’s not so crowded at the well. Makes for better imbibing that way. I hope her genius grouping lasts through the night, so that I’m not up every 20 minutes or so like I was last night.

I thought this picture of two of the litter (purple collar and light blue collar) all spooned up together was cute; it also shows what I meant when I said that they are still pretty embryonic at this point. Their ears, muzzle, and paws are still just soft pink skin (pretty adorable, though) and their eyes won’t open up for about a week. And they smell soooooo good.


  1. Oh my…they are just so precious…I found you through Kim’s site…at Scrap to my lu….I love your site and your sweet Paisley and her precious pups. I’m a bit partial to the golden colors of the little sweet pup in purple…I have a yellow or golden British lab…and boy is she beautiful…but a bit persnickity…you’ll have to check my blog where I comment about how many times we tried to breed her to another British Black Lab…she was NOT having any of it! So after her 5th birthday…we sadly had to decide to have her “fixed”…it broke my heart…but I decided if nature wouldn’t take it’s course and she was too high strung to be bred…then maybe God was letting us know…she didn’t need to be a mama!

    Good luck with your sweet Paisley and her babes…you don’t know how much I want one…but I can’t…we have two dogs as of now…but one day…I’m going to get one of those beautiful delights….a sweet, precious Labradoodle…I’ve been researching the breed for over 2 years now…anticipating the arrival of one to our home in the future…we have owned 3 labs and each one has been a true blessing to us and I know that poodle’s are a wonderful breed and also one of the smartest dogs around. I love the fact that they are suppose to have “limited” shedding and that they are great with children.

    Thanks for sharing all of the events! And tell your daughter…I’m impressed! Quite an accomplishment, especially at 10!