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Rosie’s puppies- 2 weeks old today!

As I sit at my desk, Rosie’s 10 puppies are sleeping in their pool next to me, twitching away.  The twitching is normal for healthy puppies- it’s called “activated sleep”, and is an indication that all is well with their little bodies.  It’s funny to see, though.  Last night we saw the beginnings of some open eyes in a few of the puppies; I expect to see all of them open here in the next couple of days.  A couple of the babies- Rue and Mags- are already “walking” (actually, staggering) around, despite not being able to see!  They’re pretty funny in their uncoordinated efforts to move around.  The group as a whole is becoming louder, too- lots of little practice “woofs” which sound more like squeaks.  They are very aware when Rosie steps in to feed them- instant excitement for the ten.

Rosie now spends part of her time away from her brood.  She is still very attentive, but is anxious to spend a bit of her time with the rest of the pack here- Pippin, Paisley, and one of Rosie’s September daughters, Lena.  It’s been nice and sunny here for the last couple of days, and the dogs have taken full advantage of it!  Basking on the deck in the rays, replenishing that vitamin D, and a few intermittent games of tearing around the yard, frolicking like spring lambs were the order of the weekend.