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Pippin’s On Maternity Leave…..

While Paisley’s getting her babies raised, at least to the walking and eating puppy kibble stage, our non-breeding boy, Pippin, has been at Grandpa and Grandma’s house. They call our dogs their “grand-doggers”, and welcome them to their home anytime we need to go out of town and can’t take the pooches with us. An aside: G&G live in the small town where I grew up, Scappoose, Oregon, and somehow, over the years, it has evolved that it never rains in Scappoose. Nor does it snow, or the wind blow, or any other adverse weather condition occur. This imaginary weather-related good fortune has become a joke in our family, and so it’s now said that Scappoose is “the Land of Milk and Honey”, “The Banana Belt”, or simply, “God’s Country.”
So, the puppies’ Uncle Pippin is on maternity leave in the Land of Milk and Honey, where his dog food arrives from the kitchen topped with a soupcon of melted butter for added succulence, where he gets to go on errands every day, and where snuggling on the couch reading espionage novels is the preferred pastime. From the looks of the picture above, Pippin’s NEVER going to want to come home………


  1. looking pretty spoiled for sure.

  2. Yeppers….Pippin looks mighty satisfied all curled up with his grandpa, snuggling, snoozing and enjoying life in the Land of Milk and Honey! NOW that’s the life!

    BTW…the pups are growing cuter by the day.