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Paisley’s belly reaches lower…the snow gets higher

Paisley is definitely looking, well, pregnant at this point. She’s lost her normally trim tummy, and definitely isn’t in the mood for roughhousing with her brother, Pippin. We’ve had a few good laughs at her expense this week, as the snow at our house is reached 18 inches deep. Her poor little legs aren’t all that long, and as she sinks in, her puppy belly is dragging on the snow. Oh, the humiliation!

And then there’s the question of where a girl can relieve herself. All of her normal “landmarks” are gone- there’s no bare ground visible anywhere! Makes things a little more challenging than normal, but the cold seems to do the job persuading her to hurry up and take care of business. She doesn’t forget that the warm house is waiting.

I’ve been assembling all the supplies needed for whelping this litter; one problem I’ve encountered is where to find a whelping pool in the middle of December. Normally, a person looks for a rigid, plastic wading pool in early summer- the owner of our local hardware store didn’t quite understand why I was needing one at Christmas time. His puzzlement didn’t last long- my attention was drawn back to the extensive display of animated snowman yard lights and light up plastic nativity scenes…..Paisley might enjoy looking at one of those while she’s nursing her new puppies….


  1. I found you! The sites looks amazing!

  2. Hi— I found your site from Kim’s. I have Max, which is from one of Paisley’s litters. He was born in April of 2007. He is doing great and we just love him to pieces. He also tilts his head when he is listening to me talk. It was nice to see Paisley again. I’ve not met her in person. We live in Eugene.

  3. Great job on the site, Debi. You know that I’m just sitting here oohing and ahhing at the picture of the ten little ones. Big time doggie withdrawals! Give Paisley a scratch behind the ears from me, and kudos to Anna for being such a good mid”woof.” Iwa