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We’re proud to introduce- (ta da!) The Opera Litter- Born September 4

Rosie had her Opera Litter yesterday.  If you’ll remember, our last litter was the Little House Litter- Laura, Mary, and all the gang grew up here last spring.  In a remarkably easy (for me to say) and uneventful delivery, Rosie had 10 puppies yesterday: 6 girls and 4 boys.  I think they’re beautiful, and I think you’ll think so, too!  One of the puppies, Figaro, is the darkest red I’ve ever encountered, and there are 4 others who fall into the red/apricot category.  Then, we have 5 who are loosely grouped into a sort of buff/beige/blonde (alliteration not intentional) assortment.  They are extremely wiggly, vigorous puppies- to the point that it was almost impossible to get photos of them today.  Obviously they missed the part where newborn pups are supposed to be still, sleep constantly, except when they’re eating…

If you’re interested, the names are all characters from famous operas, in honor of my 13-year-old daughter Anna’s complete and total passion for opera:
Figaro         The Marriage of Figaro and others
Samson       Samson and Delilah
Tristan         Tristan and Isolde
Hansel         Hansel and Gretel
Flora           La Traviata
Mimi           La Boheme
Turandot     Turandot  (we’ll call her Dottie)
Carmen       Carmen
Rosina         The Marriage of Figaro and others
Gretel          Hansel and Gretel
Mom and babies are doing very well- each of the pups put on a bit of weight overnight, so they’re being well-cared for.  Rosie’s in 7th heaven- she lives for having puppies.  No kidding- she’s grinning and wagging her tail nonstop, and unbelievably already has a waistline back.  You’d never know that yesterday she weighed 45 pounds (9 pounds over her starting weight).
Check back often for updates, and pictures, if I can just get those active little ones under control.