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O Pioneers!

Well, what an adventure we’ve had over the past 24 hours. We went out for a couple of hours last night to see a movie. When we got back home, at about 9:00 last night, the power was out. Normally, being without power is an inconvenience; when you have 10 small puppies who are counting on a warm place to hang out, it’s a bigger problem!

If you’ve been reading here, you know that our bedroom is temporarily Puppy Central, complete with space heaters that run 24/7 to keep the room nice and toasty. Well, with no space heaters, the room was quickly becoming too cold for the puppies’ wellbeing. After much consternation, Dave and I decided that our best option was to move the whole litter downstairs to our living room, where a gas fireplace was the only heat available. We took a pile of clean flannel blankets, built a little “nest” enclosed with rolled-up towels and receiving blankets, built a draft-stop out of the sofa cushions, and settled all the dogs down in front of the cozy fire. Well, it should have been cozy, but given that the room temperature was 52 degrees, it wasn’t exactly comfortably warm. So, I went to the kitchen and boiled some water on the stove (thank God for a gas cooktop!) and filled up “Icky Sicky Moose” (See him in the video clip!). Icky Sicky has been in the family since my kids were small; he’s a hot water bottle with a moose-shaped fleece cover, and when filled with warm water, he is known to provide hours of comfort to the sorest throat and the most upset of tummies. Well, Icky Sicky had his finest moment last night- he kept those puppies snug and toasty all night long, with only one warm refill at about 3:30 am. Paisley was on one side, curved around the puppies, ISM was on the other side, the pile of puppies in the middle, and a light flannel sheet draped over the whole lot. The puppies passed the night in relative comfort fireside. I, on the other hand, was extremely nervous all night- I must have checked in on the lot of them 10 or more times. From my perch on the couch, I could keep a close eye on every tiny body, but there’s no substitute for getting down there next to them and putting a hand on each tummy to make sure that all were warm and yes, still breathing!

Power was still out this morning. At 8:00 am, Dave went to his shop and picked up a generator so that we could run the space heaters (oh, and the generator also powered the tv, because it’s NFL playoff time…..). Things got warmed up quickly, especially after we partitioned off the living room from the foyer with a lovely king size coverlet. It’s so beautiful, I’m considering leaving it there permanently…

We did, however, get power back at around 1:30 today. It took until around 4:00 to get the whole house warmed up again… meanwhile, the wind still howls outside.

I wanted to share this short video of the puppies by the fire. Obviously, they’re no worse for wear after their Road Trip down the Big Stairs. They seemed in no special hurry to get back upstairs… and they looked so darn cute in the flickering firelight (they would look really cute in front of your fireplace, too!) Enjoy.


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