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Nothin’ like a little fresh air…..

Yesterday morning I came to the realization that the puppies are getting restless. They need more exercise and room to play than they have in their 4 x 8 pen. So strange that just a matter of a couple of weeks ago, I thought that their pen was so huge and that they might feel lost in it!

The weather’s been really mild this week. We have a good-sized deck on the back of our house, so I went to Lowe’s and got some plastic netting with openings about 3/4″ across. I spent a couple of hours completely wrapping our deck railings with this mesh, and then I fetched the thundering herd. Such happy little doods! They ran, they chased, they pooped, they picked up leaves and sticks, they hid under the table and pounced on each other- puppy smackdown! It was non-stop activity for at least 45 minutes, and then, a beautiful thing happened: they piled themselves in a heap and went to sleep. I realized that I don’t really have any recent pictures of all 10 of the puppies together- note to self: take some, soon.

Today, they had 3 play sessions outside- from 7 to 8 this morning, from 11 to 1 mid day, and then from 4 to 5:30. They’re so happy to come back inside, eat and take a nice, long nap. I’m quaking in my boots to think about tomorrow, when the rain is set to return to Oregon……what then?

Other puppy news:

Three of the puppies (Yellow, Baby Blue, and Pink) who are going to their new homes soon will have their spay and neuter surgeries next Wednesday, as well as get their microchips inserted. They’ll also get their first experience with being in a crate for a few days as they recover, poor babies!

That’s all for now. Think I’ll go feed the puppies their dinner.