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It’s a lot of work, growing puppies!

I shot this picture tonight, with sweet Rosie resting by the fire in the living room.  So darling!  We went to the vet for her ultrasound on Wednesday, and it looks like she’s got a tummy full of labradoodle pups!  I am so excited, but also mentally “girding my loins” for the work ahead.  She’s due on February 12, but if it’s a big litter she could deliver a day or so early.  Dave and I got into the attic to check out all of the whelping supplies; I’d forgotten all the stuff I have up there.  I need to add a few more items, and then in about 2 weeks I’ll start getting the house ready to welcome the new babies.

Rosie’s eating LOTS all of a sudden, and she’s kept herself extra close to me over the last week.  That’s normal for a pregnant girl, especially a first-time mom!  She’s enjoying some added menu items in addition to her dog food, such as scrambled egg, gelatin, olive oil, fatty hamburger, and a little molasses.  The other two dogs are a little miffed with their kid sister.  In fact, Pippin has his nose soooo out of joint that he decided to indulge himself with a little counter surfing tonight Here he’s enjoying a yummy gluten free vanilla cupcake……..(NAUGHTY BOY!). 


  1. Hi!
    Thank you for writing all of the stories on your blog about my favorite dogs in the whole world – Rosie, Pippin and Paisley. I am having fun reading your blog and looking at the pictures of the dogs.
    Your friend,
    Julia Devine

  2. Oh, Julia- I am so glad you’re reading! Just six more days, now, and we’ll have a bundle of babies to cuddle. Have a great day!