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It’s been a long, dry spell….

Oh, am I hungry for a litter of puppies! Our last litter was January of 2009, and due to a couple of unforeseen circumstances, we’ve had a period of time when we had no girls who were ready to breed. Finally, Rosie is getting close to being “good to go”. We expect her to come into season sometime around November, which will give us puppies early in 2011, ready to go to their new homes toward the end of February or early March. I made arrangements today to breed Rosie to a fabulous little stud, Daisy Hill’s Snazzy Jazzy, owned by Ladd Hill Labradoodles (see our Puppy Availability page for pictures and more info!) He is similar in size to Rosie (19″ tall and 31 pounds), has a lovely apricot fleece coat, a calm and outgoing personality, and thick boning. He should complement Rosie’s silky curls and quiet, sweet reserve very nicely. I would expect to see varying shades of apricot and cream in this litter, all with darling black noses. Anna and I are so excited to have some little wiggly ones in the house again.