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Chapter 12: In which some of our babies become known to their new families…..

This has been a BIG week for the puppies. Anna and I were sick for most of the week, but the puppies didn’t much notice. We matched several puppies on Friday with families on our list; I never dreamed it would be so much fun!

On Saturday, I was part of a birthday puppy conspiracy for the Demmon family’s son, Lucas. He and his parents came to our house, ostensibly so that his mom and I could “do business”, and we asked him if he wanted to see our puppies and play with them while his mom and I talked. He quickly saw a big red bow on Miss Pink Collar, and then read the tag, which said, “Happy Birthday, Lucas!” He was so surprised that he said he thought he was going to faint. It was such a sweet moment that I had tears in my eyes. (He told his mom later that he thought that I was trying to give him a puppy and that his mom and dad would say no.) He held his new friend, cuddled her, played with her- I know they’ll be pals for life. Such nice parents, and what a sweet, lucky boy.

Also on Saturday, Mr. Yellow was matched with the Haynes family. He’s got the best personality- all along I’ve been praying for a family with young boys to come along just for him. My prayers were answered last week when I was contacted by Beth- their family has a very active lifestyle, and yet were looking for a dog that would also be a great snuggle buddy. Her two boys and Mr. Yellow will have a great time together in Idaho.

On Sunday, the Reiff family and their beautiful daughters came to visit and talk over their puppy options. They have a special fondness for Miss Baby Blue, and with her sweet nature and little adventurous streak, she’ll be the perfect jogging partner for them after she’s grown. She’s got a very feminine face- such a pretty pup, as well as very bright. She’ll fit in with the Reiff girls perfectly!

New Life Labradoodles has chosen Miss White collar (she’s beautiful!) as their pick, and we have decided to keep Miss No Collar as a breeding prospect. She will reside in the aforementioned “Land of Milk and Honey,” at my mom and dad’s house. They are so excited to have a dog again; since both Mom and Dad are retired now, they will have ample time to train and care for our big black puppy. Her new name? Mountain Park’s Lambsie D’Ivy, call name “Ivy”. Perfect for a puppy whose coat looks like a silky, wavy black lamb. We’re so excited to watch her as she grows up!

We have 5 gorgeous puppies left to choose from. I’ve honestly toyed with the idea of keeping each one of them, they’re so darn cute and have so much personality. But then reality sets in, and I know that each of them has a perfect home waiting out there. Could that be your home? See our remaining darlings on our Puppy Availability page.

On the puppy care front, this weekend was vaccination weekend. Anna and I gave each of them a DHLPP+Corona shot. It went fairly quickly, and as with most things involving the puppies, the trick is in the record keeping. They should get their next shots at 11 to 12 weeks, after they have gone to their new homes. We also wormed them last week, which is just part of routine puppy health care. We’ll then worm them again this weekend, which is on the every two-week schedule our vet recommends for pups this age.

The puppies are eating a lot more puppy kibble now, and I’m mixing some dry in with the moistened food now. They like to play with the dry kibbles, but overall, there isn’t nearly as much mess as there was when we were feeding them the mush/gruel/mash. They also don’t “swim” in it like they used to, for which I’m thankful.

They’ve moved into an “on/off” schedule- that is, they have two speeds: on, and off. Not much in between. We give them an ever-changing assortment of toys, including some ropey things, chew toys, some fabric “bugs” with crinkly plastic in them, a couple of balls, and best of all, a cardboard box (?). Go figure. They climb on that box, sleep in it, chew on it, and hide behind it. We also let them have an hour outside every afternoon (weather’s been pretty nice!) in an exercise pen, which they like and which gives me a chance to clean and disinfect their pen, give them new bedding, and give them fresh water.

Tonight, it’s time to trim 160 little toenails again. That ought to make those puppies happy!
I’ll post pictures in the morning, as soon as the light is good for photographs.