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Here’s what our puppies have been up to!

Teddy (formerly Electric Blue)
Teddy lives with Eric, Jen and Erica in McMinnville, Oregon. He’s a big and fun-loving kind of guy, and LOVES his 3-year-old. He’s cuddly and a little mischievous- currently working on his addiction to chew… (toys, that is!).

Lily (formerly Powder Blue)
Lily is an “absolute sweetheart” who lives with Steve, Laurie, and Anna in Portland. Her mom describes her as smart, sweet, affectionate, calm, and energetic when playing or outside. She enjoys going in the car, playing with her brother, Kona, who lives next door, is great at consoling when someone’s upset, and when it’s her bedtime, takes herself to bed. Lily doesn’t like going to doggie daycare at all. She, too, is a voracious chewer, but tries to stick to her own toys.

Kona (formerly Black, Checkers)
Kona lives with the King family in Portland, right next door to his sister, Lily! He is the water dog out of the litter- his mom says that she has to be careful with him anytime he’s around water. Last week in the ice, he decided to dive in and swim with the ducks in a large pond. Brrr! Kona’s a snuggler and really enjoys a little cuddle on the bed each morning.

Mabie (formerly Pink)
Mabie (Mabelline is her “real” name) lives in Camas, Washington with the Demmon family. She is quite mature for her age, sometimes passing as a two-year-old ! She loves spending time in Central Oregon, and loves other dogs (especially those smaller or her same size), but prefers playing one-on-one instead of in a big pack. Her best friend is Gus, who is another (bigger) labradoodle. She loves to follow her mom around the house.

Shyla (formerly Purple, or Pinot)
Shyla lives with the Kaul family in Portland. She has her dad wrapped around her little paw- and he wasn’t all that excited about adding a dog to the family in the first place! Like her sister, Mabie, Shyla doesn’t care for big dogs. She has a repertoire of tricks: shut the door, shake with right or left paw on request, give high fives, kisses and hugs, find the ball. Shyla loves being “mauled” by her brother, Sam, and was an angel for Halloween.

Ellie (formerly Green, or Gracie)
Ellie lives in Sammamish, Washington with Mark and Darcell, and her older doggie sister, Bailey. She has a great personality, and is great at getting Bailey to play with her. She has been a great addition to their family. We were happy to donate all proceeds from Ellie’s sale to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation !

Oakley (formerly Yellow)
Oakley lives in Boise, Idaho, with the Haynes family. He loves to rest his front legs on his family members- actually like a little kid saying, “Pick me up, Mommy!” Addiction runs in the litter, it seems- he is thankfully nearing the end of his chewing phase! He enjoys lots of outdoor activities with his family.

Lola (formerly Turquoise)
Lola lives with Gina and Jared in Scappoose, Oregon- right across the street from her sister, Ivy. She has a older doggie sister, Sasha, in her family. Lola is very feminine and calm- but also has been known to sneak into the dental chews and devour the whole bag! She watches her mom for cues, and has successfully completed her training course.

Ivy (no-collar girl)
Ivy lives with my mom and dad, Bill and Sharon, in Scappoose (right across from Lola). I see her frequently, and enjoy the boisterous greetings I get from her! Ivy’s training has gone very well, and like so many of her littermates, seems to be really intuitive about people’s feelings and moods. She enjoys a daily romp in the fields with my dad, and although she’s quite big now, she loves her morning snuggle with my mom (coffee time!). Pending completion of her health testing, Ivy will have our next litter for us this summer.