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File this under "Why I do what I do……"

I received a lovely letter this week from a family who bought one of Rosie’s puppies from last winter.  Sometimes, not every family member is as “into” the idea of a puppy as others are.  Here’s Sophia, to describe her quest to become the owner of a sweet and cuddly Australian Labradoodle puppy:

My Challenge
By Sophia

In the distance, I could hear the sound of a newborn puppy squeaking like a mouse.  My hart skipped with excitement!  I did not want to ask because I knew my dad would say no.  My hands were shaky and I was extremely impatient.  I could not wait any longer.  I wanted a new puppy and I was determined to convince my parents to get one.

Earlier that day my mom’s friend called to see if we could get together.  I asked my mom if I could go, and she happily said yes.  Even better, I herd Shawna say some thing that peaked my interest that her daughter wrote a three page essay and gave it to her dad.  Convincing him to buy a dog for the family.  Her dad thought about it was very cute, and for her birthday, he rewarded her with a really cute and sweet new puggle.

So I wrote a convincing essay and put it on my dad’s office chair.  When my dad saw it he immediately showed my mom.  She decided to do some research and began looking at breeders for Labradoodles, Poodles, and Goldendoodles.  After some time, she found a breeder called Mt.Park Labradoodles.  One evening Debi (the breeder) asked what we were looking for in a dog.  When we got home, my mind was sailing through a see of thoughts of dog names, and looks.  I even started to hear the dogs squeaks and whimpers.

The Next Month…..
I couldn’t believe it!  After weeks waiting, we herd back from the breeder.  She said we have two matches-their names were Wilder and Manley, after much thought we chose Manley.  On the airplane back from Hawaii we wanted to keep his name, but we gave him a middle name it’s Leon.  It is French for lion.

On April 10th, a lovely afternoon we went to pick up our first pet ever! Manley was so happy with everyone his body was going from side to side.  Now that he is older, but very happy.  He will always be our little sharing lion.  I am proud that I remained determined and wrote a convincing letter to my dad, asking him for a puppy.  Without it, Manley wouldn’t be a beloved part of our family.

A note from “The Breeder”:  Little Manley is now all grown up, and is a very well-behaved, talented member of Sophia’s family.  He knows how to tango, how to sneeze on command, and- get this- how to say “I love you”!  He knows to go out one door to go potty, and another door to play.  I’ve tried to convince Sophia’s mom to write a manual on how she trained him- we’ll see.  Manley was out of Rosie and Snazzy Jazzy’s February 2011 litter.  Our last litter from those parents is on its way, due March 28.  Wouldn’t you like your own little Manley?