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Enjoying the finer things in life…..


Well. In the past two weeks, the puppies have:

-Gotten the walking thing down pat. This took a little while, because it sure seemed that their back legs were willing, but the front legs took a little longer.

-Found their voices. They are still (!) in our bedroom, and every night at about 2:30, we are woken up by a chorus of high pitched little voices crying out what sounds like “Woo! Woo!”. I’m sure that someday, these “woo-woo’s” will become the most pleasant of “woofs”, but for now, once I’m past the irritation of being woken up in the middle of the night, they crack me up. I just can’t help it! Purple Collar Girl usually starts it (out of the 10, she seems to provide the most commentary on ordinary life- the first puppy blogger?), but the rest are more than happy to chime in.

-On the advice of our vet, started eating solid food. We began on Saturday the 24, with a thin gruel of Gerber rice cereal and formula (the same “first food” my human babies started on, and probably yours, too!). We took the puppies, two at a time, and placed them in front of a long, flat tray filled with the mixture. We had to coax some of them with food on our fingers, but most of them dug in with gusto. Now, 4 days later, we’re adding in soaked and mashed-up puppy kibble, and slowly reducing the amount of rice cereal and formula. So far, no tummy upsets, and they seem to REALLY enjoy it- so much so that they wallow in it. That being said, they still want to nurse as soon as they’re done with their mash. Poor Paisley- as you can see at the end of the video, she’s looking bedraggled and bewildered, and REALLY in need of a trip to the spa! I know that look she has on her face- “Oh, the things I do in the name of motherhood.” The puppies are getting bigger now, and not exactly gentle. I guess we should count it a blessing that they don’t have teeth yet!

-Showing signs of individual personalities. They are really excited now when Anna and I come into the room- they want to be held, petted, and fussed over. I clipped all of their toenails last night (that’s 160 tiny, needle sharp toenails, in case you’re counting!)and all but two of them were clearly enjoying being held close while I clipped. They are playing a little with each other, and I sometimes think I’m seeing “puppy friendships” developing, although it’s also possible that I’m just delusional. We made sure all of them had pottied last night, and then we let the 10 out to explore a little on the carpet. They toddled around, peering into everything, tasting anything they could put their mouths on. Like parents with multiple kids, Anna and I are constantly counting, “1-2-3-4-….” to make sure that all 10 are accounted for. I’ve even been known to flip them up to look underneath when they’re all piled up, sleeping, to make sure that we still have 10 pups.

I spend so much time with them, it’s a wonder I get anything else done. What a labor of love for me, though- there’s joy to be had, even in cleaning up puppy pee.