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Babies’ Busy Day….

A normal day in the life of our puppies looks something like this.

Between 6:30 and 7:00,  Mama Rosie still gets in the box and nurses her babies, checking in with them to see how their night went.  She no longer sleeps with them, but rather on the landing at the top of our stairs, with one ear cocked toward the puppies.

Shortly thereafter, I get up and put the pups in a “holding pen”, so that I can strip their bedding, disinfect the whole enclosure, wash their water dispenser, clean the litter box, and swap out yesterday’s dirty toys for a clean set.

The puppies HATE the holding pen- woo-woo-woo the whole time they’re in there.

Then, it’s time to eat.  At the advanced age of 4.5 weeks, the pups are eating softened kibble only.  They’re big kids now-  no need for formula or baby cereal any more!  They eat from a miraculous thing called a “flying saucer” dish- the best, neatest way to feed a bunch of hungry pups while keeping the food contained.

They like their chow- no picky toddlers here!
After breakfast, it’s nap time.  They crash hard with warm food in their tummies.

This week, the puppies have started going outside for a while after naptime.  It’s not really cold out, just a little breezy.  They’re not so sure about being out yet…I played with them on the deck, and then put them in an ex-pen so that I could corral them while I (you guessed it!) clean their enclosure again.

These cycles repeat about 4 times a day.  I try to introduce new things every day, and today, it was the vacuum.  They’ve heard it before, but not so close and for so long.  I pulled it up right next to the door to their box, and let it run for a while.  You can see that they weren’t too upset by the noise- in fact, after a few seconds, they just went back to playing.

At night, our whole family takes turns playing with all the pups.  We pull them out, one by one or in groups of two or three, and alternate between cuddling, playing with them, and letting them roam a bit (while we follow behind with wipes to clean up any accidents.
Around 11, Rosie feeds her brood one last time, then it’s lights out for babies.  Sleep well!  Tomorrow’s another busy day.