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10 days has sure flown by….

Don’t worry- she’s keeping the puppy warm, not squishing it!

Boy, combine a new litter of puppies simultaneously with the first week of school, a bunch of auditions for one kid, opera rehearsals for same said child,  a 50th anniversary party for my parents, a few football games, and I have been completely unaware of time passing.  I’ve done a whole lot of puppy care, but I think my brain is so overloaded that I haven’t noticed much!  The puppies are huge- Samson (true to the example set by his brother, Manly, in the last litter) leads the pack at just over 2 pounds.  Tristan is the smallest, as he was when he was born, but he’s growing rapidly and appropriately on his own curve.  The puppies get weighed every day, to make sure that no one is missing a meal.  While I have them in hand to weigh them, we do early neural stimulation with them.  To get the gist of ENS, go to page 4 of the linked article.  This method of stimulation is said to produce dogs that are outgoing, not easily frightened, and more emotionally resilient than dogs who haven’t been exposed to such stimulation.  Read and see what you think!

Their eyes aren’t open yet, but they are doing some form of marine crawl around the puppy pool.  I would guess that their eyes will be open in another few days, and then, let the fun begin!  Dave and I are already making our plans for the puppies’ big move downstairs to the “big” puppy box in our family room- this should take place somewhere toward the end of next week.

I’m still staying very close to home, only leaving for a couple of hours at a time.  We hired a great “puppy sitter” while we were gone for my mom and dad’s party on Sunday- my peace of mind was worth every penny spent.