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Debi and puppiess smilingMountain Park Labradoodles is an all-American family business. We began by loving our first two labradoodles, Pippin and Paisley. They were present in every aspect of our lives, from snuggling on the couch, to baseball games, to camping, to charity walk events, to family reunions and parties here at our home.

When I began to look ahead to the days when my children would leave for college, I knew I wanted to create something that would satisfy my need to keep being a hands-on mom on a daily basis. I was also in the market for a career change, after having worked in the human resources field for over 20 years.

So, by blending my love of being a mom, the need for a new career, and these wonderful dogs, Mountain Park Labradoodles was born.

Our first litter was born at the end of 2008. Since that time, our business has grown steadily. We’ve had quite a few litters, each one special to me, and I pride myself on remembering each those puppies by name (although it’s getting harder now, as the number of puppies grows and my middle-aged memory is stretched!).

Christmas-morning-doodle-love1Our whole family participates- from marketing and advertising, planning our litters, whelping and raising our puppies, cleaning and socializing, hand delivering all over the country, to working with our wonderful customers- we each play a part in breeding and raising wonderful labradoodle companions for lucky puppy families.

A little about our family. We’re native Oregonians. I (Debi) met Dave when we were students at Willamette University. We’ve been married for 25 years, and have two children. Reid is a sophomore at Lake Forest College in Illinois, where he’s on the football team. Anna is a junior at Lake Oswego High School, where she plays golf and is passionately working toward a career as an opera singer. We all love spending time together, and that family time isn’t complete without our wonderful labradoodles!

bombs awayOur family enjoys “giving back” to our community. Dave serves as Chairman of the Board for Nursing Home Ministries, an organization founded by his father. Debi and Anna are members of National Charity League and through that organization, provide volunteer service to a number of non-profit groups. Finally, Mountain Park Labradoodles is proud to support JDRF and its mission to find a cure for T1D (insulin-dependent, Type 1 diabetes). Debi serves on the Board of Directors for Oregon and SW Washington- this cause is near and dear to our hearts. Anna was diagnosed with T1D when she was 8 years old, and we feel strongly that we need to cure this disease, for Anna and all the other individuals and families affected by it. We donate a portion of the proceeds from every puppy sold to the efforts of JDRF.
Pippin tetherball